Upgrading the Master Suite — January 30, 2019

Upgrading the Master Suite

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A few weeks ago, we decided to upgrade our master suite. As the place we spend the most time in our home, it should be a worthwhile upgrade. We’ve decided to complete the upgrade in two phases: 1. The Bedroom this year, and 2. The Bathroom next year.


In the bedroom, we will be replacing the carpeting with warm, dark wood, adding a large, soft, light colored rug under the bed. We’ll finally be adding our dream dark gray, tufted headboard and a classy bench to match. We’ll finish our upgrade with a large leaning mirror and a possibly a few of our favorite black and white pictures added to the walls.


Next year, we plan to finish our master bath with a look to match our new bedroom. We’ve only just began thinking of ideas but so far here’s our wishlist for the bathroom:

  • Flooring to match the bedroom (we’ve found a porcelain tile with a dark wood finish that may work).
  • New counters (preferably a beautiful white sparkling quartz)
  • A free standing bathtub
  • A frameless shower

Our thoughts:

MG: I’m super excited about our first big home project. I’m hoping it goes smoothly as we start completing tasks on our way to our goals at 30!

LG: This is going to be a wonderful facelift for our most lived in spaces. I am eager to start hunting for the perfect peices to make our house more of a home.


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